National Birth Defects Prevention Month is not just a calendar event but a call to action. In this Team Select blog, we’re keeping it simple – breaking down what congenital disabilities are and how we support individuals living with them. Join us on this journey, where we bridge knowledge with empathy, making National Birth Defects Prevention Month a time to learn and support families with unique needs.

Congenital disabilities, commonly referred to as birth defects, are conditions that occur when a baby’s body or part of it develops abnormally during pregnancy. These variations can affect a baby’s body’s structure, function, or both and may lead to physical or developmental challenges.

Congenital Disabilities Care: Recognizing National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Birth defects can happen in different ways, like problems with the heart or cleft lip or issues with chromosomes affecting overall growth. These conditions can happen because of genetics, the environment, or both. Understanding these conditions is important to raise awareness and help those with special needs and their families.

Knowing about birth defects is crucial for prevention. Although not all defects can be prevented, there are steps people can take to lower the risks. Getting regular check-ups during pregnancy is key, and talking to healthcare professionals is important for prenatal care. During regular check-ups, parents can receive valuable guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, avoiding harmful substances, and managing pre-existing health conditions.

Genetic counseling offers insights into risks and provides families with informed choices. If you or a loved one is considering genetic counseling, the first step is to consult your healthcare provider, who can guide you through the process. Your healthcare professional may assess your family medical history, discuss potential risks, and determine whether genetic counseling is right for you.

At Team Select, we recognize the unique needs of families navigating the complexities of birth defects. That’s why we offer comprehensive, compassionate in-home care tailored to providing unwavering support. From Private Duty Nursing to Nursing Assistant Skills and Respite Care, Team Select is your family’s preferred care choice.

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