The Family CNA Program is available for people with unique needs in Colorado.

Through the Family Certified Nursing Assistant Program, individuals can become Certified Nursing Assistants to care for their loved ones at no cost to them.

Benefits of Becoming a Family Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Ensure your loved one is cared for safely, appropriately, and with your personal touch.  
  • The Family CNA Program creates a reliable approach to care in the home.  
  • Creates care consistency and continuity to promote stability for patients and their families. 
  • The Family CNA Program provides family-centered, ongoing support.
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Benefits of Joining Team Select Home Care

  • Ongoing educational opportunities 
  • 24/7 on-call admin and clinical support 
  • Electronic charting
  • Weekly/daily pay 
  • Sick time accrual 
  • Opportunity for health benefits


For those receiving care, they may qualify for CNA care if…  

  • They require hands-on care and assistance with various aspects of daily life. 
  • They are a child or adult, we proudly service all ages.

Step One: Contact Team Select Home Care and schedule an assessment. Every individual may qualify for their unique hours based on a nursing assessment. The PAT (Pediatric Assessment Tool) or Adult Assessment is performed in your home by an RN to determine the number of hours your loved one could potentially qualify for.

Step Two: Enroll in school. If you qualify, our Family Navigator will help you choose the right CNA school to fit your schedule and lifestyle! Seventy-five hours of training are required, sixteen of those in the clinical setting.

Step Three: Orientation. Regarding your employment with Team Select Home Care, you will need to complete your orientation and complete a short life of items required for employment. This includes the below:

  • CPR certification  
  • Valid CNA license  
  • I-9 documentation  
  • Team Select Home Care onboarding paperwork  
  • TB testing

Step Four: Schedule your Start of Care and begin with Team Select Home Care!

Learn More About the Family CNA Program

If you are interested in becoming a trained caregiver for your loved one with the Family CNA Program in Colorado, please contact Team Select and fill out the form to start the Family Certified Nursing Assistant Program today!

Fill out the form to start the Family Certified Nursing Assistant Program today!