Welcome to Team Select Personal / Attendant Care Services, where our commitment to personalized care goes beyond expertise – it’s about building meaningful connections with out clients. We understand families’ unique challenges in caring for their loved ones, and we’re here to be not just providers but dedicated partners in your journey.

We believe in the power of choice, allowing patients and their families to select a caregiver who resonates with their preferences. Whether it’s a trusted family member, chosen loved one, neighbor, or friend, we’re here to provide the highest quality of care, exceptional customer service, and a touch of compassion and integrity to make life at home easier for you and your loved ones.

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  1. Follow the steps listed here. (hyperlink to PA pdf in Asana)
  2. Designate someone as your caregiver (please note these individuals cannot be your spouse, POA, or representative payee).
  3. Contact Team Select to get started!
    • Apply
    • Provide a current TB test.
    • Complete your virtual onboarding.
    • Schedule your in-home orientation.

Contact Team Select to get started! 

  1. Apply
  2. Provide a current TB test.
  3. Complete your virtual onboarding.
  4. Schedule your in-home orientation.

  1. Team Select will help clients identify someone to care for them, who they may already have a good relationship with.
    • If the client does not know anyone, we will work to recruit and hire a caregiver – with the client in mind; however, we want to note that we cannot contractually guarantee staffing.

  1. Please visit our Careers page at www.tshc.com/careers-tshc/ and apply.
    • Shortly after, the caregiver will be contacted by one of our recruiters to discuss their experience, availability, and skill set.
  2. If the caregiver is determined to be a good match for a current client in need or has the flexibility required for PRN employment, an offer will be extended.

  1. Our internal management team comprises industry experts who guide individuals through the intricate landscape of medical assistance enrollment, eligibility, and authorization. Our approach is uniquely personal and goes beyond mere administrative procedures. To learn more, please get in touch with us at (484) 880-4400. 

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