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Wow! What a year! Throughout 2022, Team Select Home Care has experienced a lot of growth, none of which could be possible without the help of our amazing Team Select Family!

In this blog, Team Select will share a few ways you and your loved ones can give back to your local community this holiday season.

Volunteer at a Food Distribution Center / Food Pantry

While families are huddled around the fire with loved ones, it’s important to think about those who may not have a family to visit, or who may be struggling to provide for their loved ones. One way you can give back during the holiday season is by volunteering your time at a food pantry or distribution center and helping pack meals for those in need.

Clean Out the Closets & Donate Old Clothes

Ring in the new year by cleaning out those closets and making room for new clothes! Around the holidays, the weather cools down and those without consistent shelter need additional assistance staying warm.

A few places you could donate your old winter clothes are:


Get Creative with Work and Host a Drive

This holiday season, Team Select’s Phoenix, AZ, and Loveland, CO, Long-Term Care teams held holiday gift drives in their local branch offices to support families at their local hospitals.

If you are looking for ways to give back this holiday season, getting involved with your work to host a drive benefiting a local hospital or organization is a great way to show your support for all members of your local community!

Be sure to follow Team Select Home Care on social media and see how you can continue to get involved, not just this holiday season, but year-round!